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Locks & Accessories

Combination Lock Box Type
Combination Lock Box Type
Plate Diameter: ø 94mm
Finishs :satin nickel
Password can be changed
50/- OMR
Combination Lock Gear Type
Combination Lock Gear Type
Type: D905-401
Password cannot be changed
30/- OMR
ISEO Cylinder
ISEO Cylinder
ISEO Serrature SpA, an extension of the individual concern of Giuseppe Facchinetti, was founded in 1969 in Pisogne (BS), Italy, as a manufacturer of locks, cylinders and padlocks.
Since then, ISEO Serrature has become a leading company in the domestic and foreign markets and has evolved into a group: ISEO Holding.
Since 1998 the company has taken over a number of concerns in order to achieve a wider range of products and services. From traditional locks to access control systems, from single products to global services and integrated solutions based on “reasoned technology” : this is Iseo’s concrete answer to the growing demand for safety. This process has a double purpose: on one hand, to complete the offer for safety and on the other hand to extend the group’s world market share.
8/- OMR
K-GSA Type Safe Change Key Set
K-GSA Type Safe Change Key Set

The new K-GSA, GSA type change key set, is designed for those individuals working in the GSA environment. Contains the keys needed for servicing GSA rated containers. Keys are made of cast stainless steel. Case is engraved with description of uses. Made in USA.

Contians the following:












30/- OMR
K-Safe Change Key Set
K-Safe Change Key Set
The K-18 Change Key Set is a set of the twelve most common change keys, all in a handy case. Keys fold out “knife style” to select the proper tool. Case is engraved with description of uses. Keys are made of stainless steel. Made in U.S.A.

Contains change keys for the following safes:

MOS-35 (4-Wheel)

MOS -302 (3-Wheel)

S&G-AMSEC (3-Wheel)

S&G-6270 (3-Wheel)

DIE-180 (3-Wheel)

DIE-177 (4-Wheel)

S&G-PADLOCK (3-Wheel)


LAG R1 (3-Wheel)

LAG (3-Wheel)

LAG (4-Wheel)

LAG AMSEC (3-Wheel)

30/- OMR