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Tracking Devices

Fleet tracking package
Fleet tracking package
Are you trying to compare prices online but can't find any fleet tracking companies that are willing to publish their prices?

We are not afraid to display our prices because we know they are the cheapest fleet tracking options in the UK and our prices do not mean you have to compromise on quality or service.

Our state of the art GPS trackers and online tracking platform will give you not only live real time tracking but also a full history of where your vehicles have been along with mileage and speed date. You can see all your vehicles on one screen and view on your PC.

Our back2you plug and play fleet tracker can be fitted in less than five minutes by anyone. Just connect the red wire to + and the black to – and the tracker will appear live on the tracking server. No set up no antennas to fit and no installation costs. The unit can be connected and located directly next to the vehicle battery and can easily be switched between vehicles without any costly installation fees.
So what will it cost?

Our inclusive fleet tracking package includes:
BTY600 GPS plug and play tracker
12 months subscription to the live real time tracking server with full history and reporting
Even if your vehicles goes outside the Sultanate you will be able to track it.
120/- OMR
GPS Wired Tracker
GPS Wired Tracker
This Advanced GPS tracker connects directly to your vehicles 12v supply and can be easily hidden.

There is no contract or monthly fees to pay.

It has many features including the facility to immobilise your vehicle if it is stolen. The unit can also monitor speech through a remote microphone so you can hear any conversation taking place inside the vehicle via your phone. The unit works with any pay as you go SIM card (a UK PAYG SIM card is included) and you have no ongoing monthly fees. You can find out the exact location of your vehicle at any time by making one call to the unit, it will then send you an SMS message back giving you its exact location and speed.

If your vehicle has been stolen you can send a SMS command to the unit telling it to immobilise your vehicle by cutting the fuel supply.
85 OMR
Personal GPS Satellite Tracker
Personal GPS Satellite Tracker
Advanced ultra compact GPS tracker with precise tracking of an object anywhere in the world.

There is no contract or monthly fees to pay.
Around the size of a box of matches. The compact size and NO subscription makes it ideal for tracking children, elderly people, pets, dementia ,Alzheimer patients or just about anything that moves. Would you like to know where your loved ones or your property are at all times? The unit also comes with a micro SD card slot that when fitted with a SD card can store thousands of your tracked locations that you can then review later.
Do you want to keep an eye on your employees and check on their location? It is not a problem with a GPS tracker.
You can even set up a virtual geo fence so the unit will send you an alert if it moves out of a pre set area, this is the perfect solution for people who might have Alzheimer's or Dementia and keep going missing, simply slip the small tracker into a pocket or onto a wheelchair or even in the basket of a walking frame to be alerted when the tracker goes past the boundaries of your geo fence.The unit uses a standard mobile phone SIM card (UK sim card included) Simply call up the unit from your mobile phone and it will report back to you the exact co-ordinates of where it is located. You can even see the exact location on google maps.
Works on all available GSM/GPRS mobile networks. The Unit is powered by a rechargeable Lithium ion battery and comes complete with desk top mains charger, magnetic mount, full instructions and spare battery. Normal battery life is around 2 days. For permanent installations we can supply an optional 12v adaptor so the unit can be wired into the vehicle supply. The GPS tracker comes with a free PAYG SIM card so you have no ongoing subscription charges.
Self Contained GPS Vehicle Tracker
Self Contained GPS Vehicle Tracker
This is our top of the range GPS Tracker
There is no contract or monthly fees to pay.

The ideal covert tracker for locating: Cars, Motorcycles,Motorhomes,Caravans, Trucks, Tractors, Quad Bikes, Plant machinery, Cargo Containers, Ships and boats. The unit also comes with a micro SD card slot that when fitted with a SD card can store thousands of your tracked locations that you can then review later.

Simple to use with no wiring required just pop in the SIM card (included) and charge up the unit and that is it. It has a strong magnetic base so it can simply be attached to any vehicle or object you wish to track.

To find out where the unit is you simply call it up from your phone and it will instantly text you back with its exact location along with a direct link to Google maps so you can actually see where your vehicle is. The built in batteries will last up to 60 days between charges and the unit will even send you a message telling you when it needs to be charged. This unit can easily be moved between vehicles.